Friday, August 7, 2009


Yesterday i felt really bad..Tak pernah lak demam teruk sgt camni. But i still worked and settled out my outstanding works though i feel dizzling and coughing. Pas office terus g klinik and doctor said my temp quite high. 38.5 C perggghhh patut rase semacam je. As everybody know the virus of H1N1 was affected our country as though all precaution should be taken and after all please avoid public contact.

Balik rumah memang dah melepek gilozz. mandi2, makan, (by hubby makes some fried rice for dinner. TQ four ur concerned..) makan ubat terus lebur..Dont border what's going on either Hakim or Khaleesya as mommy dah weng sbb penangan ubat.

And as of today i feel much better, relax dan berehat je kat rumah since i got my mc yesterday. Tapi dalam2 rase sakit tu dapat lak sms from my collegue kata ade org kat office yang tak senang bila i mc and claimed planned mc..What a ridicoulas. aku cam rase nak mati and i sacrified my last 2 days at office although i rase semacam (rase cam nak dapat demam ) i tried to assist him and finish up all the urgency works, after all ini yang aku dapat..Memang la tak kenang budi. But for me Tuhan lagi mengetahui condition aku camane and i'm not pretending that i'm sick juz becoz today is friday..Mungkin hari ni hari aku dan hari kau akan tiba...Geram tull..

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