Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ramblings in the Morning

I’ve been terribly busy with office work for the past 2 weeks and still continuing until end of the month. That is why no entry at all as nothing interesting happened around me as though the working dateline is really make me headache. Itula namanye tanggungjawab sebagai seorang pekerja. Kita yang menurut perintah sahaja..Whatever..

So basically yesterday I cooked char kuey teow for dinner. Just a simple menu and also pancake for my kids (should pancake eat for breakfast??..bantai long as the kids lurve it)

While Hakim and Khaleesya watching cartoons, as usual Cartoon Network or Playhouse Disney are their favourites..i just continue reading my Shopaholic (take time to finish, as I’m busy with housework, kids dan macam2 lagi..So only after settled all works then I manage continue reading) and can’t wait to read the sequel. Wondering what happen to Becky as she should settle her debts and plan to abroad away in a way to run from the bankers. Kelakar betul la. Kadang2 makcik boleh senyum sorang2 bila baca karenah si Becky ni..Rase tak sabar nak habiskan baca tapi apa kan daya….Makcik tak terdayo..

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