Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just us

Blossommm...Disebabkan otak dah terlalu tepu i decided to apply half day leave (perrgghh mmg dah lama ku tunggu saat ini) Sent sms to hubby asking whether he free or not.

And finally we managed to watch a movie at Mines..Macam tak caya kan dah lama dh kami tak buat keje cam ni ponteng keje peh tu g tgk wayang. hehehehe.

ok so we watched The Taking of Pelham 123 as one of the actor was my hubby fovourite. Sapa lagi kalau bukan Denzel Washington. No harm as long i can released my tension..layanzzz..

Basically it's a thriller movie where Subway train Pelham 1-2-3 becomes the focal point of an audacious terrorist attack. A transit cop (Denzel Washington) goes against a group of hijackers lead by Ryder (John Travolta), that take over a subway train in order to rake in a hefty ransom. The ransom must reach them within an hour or they'll start killing the hostages in the train. Memang suspen gile..Siap menjerit lagi aku dlm cinema tu sib baik orang tak ramai..Kalau tak malu weehhh...

Tak abis lagi release tension dengan watching movie tambah lak lagi dengan shopping..Ooo what a shopaholic..Kenapa dengan aku ni..Betulnye tension..Whatever it is i really enjoy and yang pentingnye just the two of us..Susah nk dapat peluang cam gini...Addiosss

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