Sunday, May 16, 2010

Academic Progress Meeting

Just came back from Montessori School for progress meeting with Hakim's teacher. The school usually did the meeting with parents twice a year just to share the student progress. Pendek kata cam amik report card la and the same comment as last year from his teacher..He is a sensitive and emosional student. Yess i know my boy and i admitted with this attitude memang Hakim seorang budak yang sangat sensitif. Sensitive from the sense of cepat merajuk or cengeng la senang cite..Maybe bcoz he is the eldest and terlalu manja not only from us but maybe jugak influance from his nenek, wan and atuk dia. That is why this attitude terbawak2 sampai ke school. And another comments from his teacher..he is perfectionist. Everything must be perfect especially in his school work that is why kadang2 buku sekolah sampai berlubang sebab sik memadam je sebab words yang dia tulis tu tak lawa katanya.

But overall he was a fast leaner student among the others mana taknya Hakim and other 4 students antara student lama in five everytime teacher teach new syllabus this 5 students dah tau and dah expert. Sebabnya mereka dah belajar since 4 years lagi so his teacher kena bagi school work for 6 years level. Ada baik jugak hantar awal ke kindie ni at least he is moving fast from others but in other way dia cepat boring sebab teacher baru nak ajar dia dah tau awal2.. so the solutions is give more excercise books with deferent way meaning its not repeated exercise..biar otak dia bekerja lebih sikit takdela benda yang sama je kan..